Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Lunch: Craft Burger

Posted by Alison Gorman (aka Irish Alison)

Being neighbourly sort of folks we decided to look no further for this week’s Friday lunch than a few doors south of our own Yonge and Yorkville location, at Craft Burger (830 Yonge). We set out to get a good cross section of the ‘signature’ burgers and began with the Craft Blue. This consisted of a well seasoned patty topped with gorgonzola, avocado, lettuce, tomato and rosemary garlic mayo. Now, we like gorgonzola and we like avocado, but we weren’t totally convinced by the combo. Additionally, the tendency of anything involving blue cheese to taste overwhelmingly of said item and not much else caused the flavoured mayo to be overshadowed.

Next up was the more successful Craft Spicy. A good juicy patty topped with the usual tomato and lettuce along with caramelised onions and spicy chipotle mayo. The generous heap of onions was deliciously sticky and sweet and the chipotle mayo added a smoky contrast to this sweetness; it wasn’t so spicy as to overwhelm the burger, but had a nice kick of heat.

The Lamb Burger was also a success; lamb burgers can often be overcooked and dry but this was just as deliciously pink and juicy as the beef burgers. Along with lettuce and tomato came a slathering of cilantro-feta spread. The initial salty hit of feta was most prominent in the first two or so bites, afterwards becoming subtler and dominated by the herbal-freshness of cilantro. The spread as a whole was well enjoyed by all three of us.

The sesame seed buns were fairly pedestrian, but all of the patties were perfectly cooked and the standard extras of lettuce and tomato fresh. Fries were crisp and golden, perhaps a little salty but this is a matter of personal preference. Our Friday lunch was rounded off with two Craft Cookies, described on the menu as oatmeal chocolate chunk with toffee crunch. We didn’t get any crunch but the cookies were still delicious; fat, round and buttery with big chunks of chocolate and swirls of chewy toffee.

The bill for three burgers, one order of fries and one cookie (the second one was thrown in gratis) came to $27.46, including tax.

Photos & editing by Gina

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