Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Lunch: Le Gourmand Express

 Posted by Jennifer

With the weather taking a turn for worse and winds sweeping leaves down Yonge Street, we decide we would like a bowl of chili from Le Gourmand Express in the food court under the Bay. Alas, those of us who would lunch after 3:00pm are out of luck. The chili bowl is empty.

Instead, we try the tomato/bean/parmesan soup. Even after traveling the equivalent of three blocks (though only one of them outside), it is hot enough to warm us. Its orangey-red colour brightens a rather dull day. Though pureed, there is still some texture, revealing little bits of bean. Without making the dish too salty, you can taste the parmesan through the tomato. Billed as the “small” size, this serving is more than adequate for two and comes with a slice of bread for each of us.

Most of the sandwiches are gone too, so we split a chicken curry wrap. It is heavy on apples, a bit light on moist chunks of chicken. Spice-phobic eaters have little to fear from the mild curry. Combined with the green-skinned apples, the curry does make for a pretty wrap.

For dessert, we share a supersized oatmeal raisin cookie. Crispy on the edges, it is soft to the point of under-baked on the inside. Regardless, we devour the whole cookie.

The cost: great value at $14.07

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