Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Lunch: Whole Foods

Posted by Jennifer

Along with our every grocery need, Whole Foods offers up a wide range
of takeout foods, hot and cold.

From the brick pizza oven, we try a chicken Alfredo slice.  Topped
with chunks of chicken on a sea of molten cheese, this slice has an
unexpected but welcome spicy zing. Though it might have been crisper,
the thin crust makes a good base.

When imagining panini, images of hot, toasty, and melted., dance in
our minds. Though pressed, this sandwich is none of those things.
Loaded with mozzarella, prosciutto, a hint of greens, and highlighted
with a smear of fig jam, this is one sophisticated sandwich, just not
what we thought it would be.

With all this bread and cheese, we need one of our five to 10 a day
servings of vegetables.  Some people may not like Brussels sprouts; we
love them.  We eat these roasted beauties cold but they would be even
better hot.  Perfectly cooked, still crunchy, they are garnished with
walnuts and onion cooked to sweetness. Yummy!

We finish with  oatmeal raisin and pecan chocolate chip cookies.
Despite not quite enough cinnamon in the oatmeal cookies, and too few
pecans in the chocolate chip cookies, these are satisfyingly
old-fashioned.  They are the sort of slightly doughy treats that
scream out for a glass of milk on the side.

The total cost was $17.20.

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