Monday, November 2, 2009

To Market, to market

Posted by Jennifer

It is a sad sight at the Bloor/Borden farmers’ market. Not only is it gray and wet, there are only about half a dozen vendors left for this last day. For a change, I buy some sheep’s milk cream cheese from the Grevelings. They do not have an indoor spot for the winter. Then it is on for cabbage, yet more potatoes,and a squash from Marvellous Edibles to tide me over until their first Saturday, November 14, at the Green Barn.

As I leave to get back on the subway, I almost trip over two other shoppers who are chatting about the things they enjoyed at the market. There’s nothing to do but join the conversation about the great potatoes, pistachio and cranberry-studded sausages, and heirloom tomatoes we have enjoyed over the summer. One of the women turns around so she can buy some sausages. The other woman, previously unknown to me, walks along with me continuing to talk about produce and cookbooks. On this last day of the market for the year, it is a real lesson in what markets are about: eating well, eating locally, and building community.

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