Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thomas Keller: A Study in Efficiency

Posted by Gina

Where were all of Toronto's chefs last night? Not in their individual kitchens sweating over the hob, but rather sitting elbow to elbow at the Toronto Reference LibraryChef Thomas Keller was on the premises in promotion of his new book Ad Hoc at Home, and was interviewed by our own Alison Fryer.

Tickets to the event included a signed copy of the new book, and with a sold out room, plus extra copies for sale at the event, Chef Keller managed to sign 700 books in an hour! And as would be expected from the man who turns raw produce into perfect works of gastronomic art, each signature was executed with with elegant penmanship and a beautiful calligraphy markers - no Sharpies for this chef!

Here are some pics of the signing in action. Enjoy!

Awaiting Keller

Signature Merry-Go-Round

Faster and Faster!

The signature.

[L-R] Alison, Thomas Keller & Jennifer

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