Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Lunch from Petit Thuet

What one pays for lunch is not always commensurate with the quality of said lunch.  In fact, some of our biggest lunchtime disappointments have been the most expensive. Ah, but Petit Thuet, on the other hand, is the proof positive that at least some of the time  you do get what you pay for.

The greatest of the good things that money buys you at Thuet is some of the finest bread in the city. That bread becomes the base for equally excellent sandwiches.  We have written about the lobster sandwich before, but we cannot resist another. Served up on salt-topped pretzel bread roll, the filling has both shreds and chunks of lobster bound with mayo. It squishes out the sides but this is one yummy mess of a sandwich. Turkey /brie arrives on a multigrain roll with a tasty hint of mustard although none is visible. Shreds of lettuce add a discrete texture to counter the buttery brie.

We are sucked in by the handmade marshmallows, falling for white(vanilla), a lemony yellow, pink which tastes of strawberry rather than generic pinkness.  Alas, the supposedly blueberry cube offers little discernible flavour.  They have more body than the poofy industrial marshmallows that dominate the market.  Being women of little resistance when it comes to sweets, we also have to sample the in-est of cookies, the macaroons.  The pink and green apple/caramel variety seems a little gummy, the fresh flavour at odds with the texture.  But the toasty hazelnut version is macaroon perfection.

Finally, as we are about to escape the premises, the gilded lily of croissants beckons.  It turns out to be almond croissant and pain au chocolate residing in one flaky body.  Needless to say we pass the remainder of the afternoon in a hazy stupor.

Price for two sandwiches, four marshmallows, two macaroons, and a croissant: $25.60

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