Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Recent Meal At The Gilead Cafe

Ham croquette with acidulated shallot vinaigrette. Crunchy panko crust filled with savory cubed ham and mashed potato filling. The sharp shallot flavour and the vinaigrette flatter the flavours of the filling.

Braised bean, tripe and spicy tomato sauce with a topping crust of panko.

Brioche toast with soubise (onion sauce) and mushrooms.

Lentil and beet salad with a mustard and intense chopped dill flavoured dressing.

Pec nord scallops on bed of mashed potatoes gratin. 

Socca flavoured with cumin with sweet potatoes and bok choy (the bitter and the sweet).

Cumbrae farms "butcher's dish" with medium rare hanger steak, beef tendon and pea sprouts all in a full flavoured beef broth, served with bone marrow on toasts

Ginger spice cake with sweet preserved cherries.

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