Friday, October 28, 2011

"Bacon and Eggs" at Splendido Restaurant!!

From time to time, a visit to Splendido provides a wonderful culinary surprise by chef Victor Barry. This time, a novel dish and a new pastry chef awaited us. It was also the beginning of the arrival of fresh white truffles and a special truffle menu was available.

We were surprised by the presentation on a wooden platter placed  before each of us. We were asked to make our own "bacon and eggs". The arrangement on the platter consisted of a spoon with truffled compound butter, a raw egg in it's shell and thin slices of culatello. We were instructed to place butter in the very hot cast iron pan, add the egg and the bacon (with the tweezers provided) and cook each ingredient to our liking. A waiter came around with a saucepan with a red wine reduction, pearl onions, button mushrooms and chopped black truffle, that was spooned over our finished eggs, while in the hot pan. How yummy!! We ate this fabulous presentation right from the pan and mopped up any delicious residues with the wonderful house made rye bread. For me, this is one of the great dishes to eat in Toronto, at this moment! 

The finished "bacon and egg" ready to be eaten.

The new pastry chef introduced himself with 3 desserts which we all shared. First, a very refreshing and palate cleansing Ontario plum, buttermilk panna cotta with caramelized white chocolate and pomegranate.

Next, a very seasonal and well-made heirloom carrot pain d'espice with bourbon-soaked sultana raisons, ginger and spiced ice cream.

And finally a milk chocolate tart ( I never eat milk chocolate and so would never have ordered and tasted this dish, but this dish was the desire of one friend) with mango, passion fruit and pecan and pistachio praline. I was so surprised to be so seduced by this wonderful, eating milk chocolate??! None of my friends believed that they saw me eating this course, with such relish!

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