Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New at Nota Bene Restaurant

Highly capable and creative, chef David Lee loves to work with new ideas for Nota Bene restaurant. This night, he surprised me with a "tongue and tail" terrine en gelee mounted on arugula leaves and on a fried potato "latke" (pancake). OMG I was in food heaven with this dish. The terrine was accompanied by cornichons, a single radish, and pickled beet and onion. The texture and flavours were wonderful. 

Cross section of the terrine.

Then, Chef Lee presented the dish in a new way, wrapping the terrine with lardo and shredded potato, dusting the patty with flour and frying the result. The patty was presented with sauteed pine mushrooms. Another major flavour WOW!! I cut a piece and popped it into my mouth....the terrine elements had melted, creating a wonderful juicy interior with the tongue and tail elements for texture and flavour. And with the earthy flavours of the mushrooms, another heavenly experience!

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