Friday, February 10, 2012

The Odd Bits Dinner With a Group of 7 Chefs at Parts and Labour Restaurant

This all offal dinner, at Parts and Labour restaurant honoured chef/author and James Beard award winner Jennifer McLagan. The participating chefs were Scott Vivian of Beast restaurant, Bertrand Alepee of The Tempered Chef Caterers, Chris Brown of The Stop, Rob Gentile of Buca, Mark Cutrara of Cowbell, Matty Matheson of Parts and Labour and Mark DuFour of Earth.

Pass around apps: head cheese on a cracker with a pimento cheese spread.

A slice of bone marrow on a cracker topped with a slice of black truffle, all mounted on a marrow bone for service.

Chicken liver wrapped in bacon lathered with a sweet tangy bbq sauce.

The vultures got to this dish before I could get my photo. A chicken liver pate, slices of head cheese, toasts, sliced girkins and dill pickles.

Thirty six hour braised beef tendon in an intense beef broth with peas and bone with marrow, served with toast, by chef Matty Matheson. A dish for marrow lovers!

Ricotta brown butter gnocchi with fennel and kidneys, by chef Chris Brown. Pillow soft gnocchi with earthy flavours of brown butter and kidneys with the wonderful counter punch flavour of fennel, setting off this dish.

Pig's trotters, shank, ears and snout with smokey paprika, white navy beans and crispy lamb intestines, by chef Kevin Mckenna. Another very earthy, palate pleasing, gutsy dish.

"Tongue and balls", crepenette of lamb testicle made with ground pork and bound in caul fat mounted on a slice of beef tongue and all mounted on thin, crispy sauteed potatoes, by chef Mark Cutrara. the rustic realm of offal refined to a sophisticated level. Another offal triumph!

Pork heart tostado with salsa verde and pickled squash, by chef Scott Vivian. Salsa verde is the perfect complement for beef heart.

Veal brain (no photo), by chef Bertrand Aleppe.

Pork blood chocolate tarte with espresso figs, almond and crema di bufala, by chef Rob Gentile. I had to leave early but I have enjoyed this seductive dish before at Buca. For those put off by the blood component, if they did not know, they would love the rich taste of this dish.

It is truly a special occasion to attend an event when chefs of this caliber get together for such fun.

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