Saturday, March 31, 2012

Raw: The Tartar-Off for Grapes for Humanity

Grapes for Humanity is a charitable organization that has an annual fundraiser, this year to help build a school in Guatamala.

The tartar-off event, of which I was one of the judges, including Rush's Geddy Lee, chef John Higgins, journalist and food writers Cory Mintz and Amy Rosen, used beef donated by Cumbrae's Meats and fish donated from Daily Seafood, Inc.

Amateur participants were: Martin Malivoire from Malivoire Vinyards; Paul Pender from Tawse; Harold Theil, Hidden Bench. The winner was Paul Pender who presented a classic beef tartar.

Chefs who participated were: Brook Cavanaugh, La Palette; Didier Leroy, Didier; Mark Cutrara, Cowbell;  Alberto Ponzo, Le select; Tim Palmer, Fairmount Royal York; Patrick McMurray, Starfish; Lorenzo Loseto, George; Jamie Kennedy, Gilead Cafe; Jason Bangerter, Luma. 

The winner was Lorenzo Loseto from George, "hands down",  who presented cobia tartar, a white fleshed fish with a high oil content, a tartar with perfect texture, not at all overworked, with finely diced ginger and shallots, mushroom gelee, on a bed of sesame/miso mayo and topped with fingerling potato chips and a touch of chili spice.

The presentation of the chefs competition for the judges, each tartar numbered.

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