Thursday, March 29, 2012

Restaurants of Vail, Colorado


Steak taco app was good: small tender, very flavourful beef chunks with guacamole, salsa and soft tacos.

"U.S. Prime" rib steak I rated ("Beef Boys" rating: taste/texture/tenderness, all out of 10): 6/6/6. The steak seemed "mushy" as if tenderized, and my request of "rare" arrived medium rare. I ordered caramelized onions and they seemed like they were sitting too long.

Grilled artichoke was a side order and was very good. I really like the way the sliced the choke in half and seared it.

A side of fried rice with duck confit, was ok, but not enough duck flavour.

Cream spinach was rather mediocre because the sauce was unpleasantly watery/creamy.

New York style cheese cake was ok, but not worth the calories.

Moe's BBQ

Chicken was very moist but had a barely smokey flavour. Pulled pork was very moist with a very pleasant smokey, porky flavour. The ribs had a very nice smoky flavour and were perfectly cooked, coming of the bone easily, but not too easily. The seasoning was nice and peppery but the ribs were too salty. The ribs were dry rub only, no sauce. Good Texas toast. no distinctive BBQ sauce was offered.


Beef tartar with capers and finely diced onions was very good and was sided with thinly sliced red onion, pickles, sliced tomato, sliced boiled egg and lumpfish caviar. (no photo).

Tafelspitz, a favourite dish of mine when I am in Vienna, did not live up to my expectations, but their simple preparation of this dish had very tender, juicy beef covered in a mild horseradish sauce and was accompanied by sauteed potatoes, boiled carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and a sliced of cored cooked apple with a blueberry sauce.

Wienerschnitzel had a nice crispy, un-greasy crust and the veal was very tender and accompanied by sauteed potatoes, boiled carrots and cauliflower and red cabbage salad.

Microwaved strudel with  limp, uninteresting pastry with an overly sweet apple filling in a viscous, sugary sauce and accompanied by creme anglaise, whipped cream and cinnamon ice cream.

Key lime pie cheesecake with creme anglaise, and whipped cream. I ate as much as you see missing.

Vail Chophouse.

The rib steak, ordered rare, arrived medium rare and I rated (Beef Boys: taste/texture/juicyness, all out of 10) as 61/2/7/7 (no photo).


Oyster shooter: Saki, ponzu, raw quail egg with scallions and a raw oyster. Good for what ails you!

Salmon skin roll had a slightly smoky grilled skin, which combined with the other ingredients (pea shoots, tobiko roe, tomago egg omelette and chopped scallions), made for some wonderful complementary flavours.

Salmon sashimi with garlic puree, chopped chives and sesame sauce, a wonderful dish.
Black cod arrived sweet and perfectly cooked.
Soft shelled crab was perfectly crispy.
Tuna "taco".
Mixed sashimi: red clam, toro tuna, sweet shrimp, salmon with grilled eel and salmon roe sushi. I found the fish quite a bit fresher tasting, than expected.
Mochi, one of my very favourite Japanese desserts, each one with an ice cream filling: red bean, green tea and mango. They did this well.
Chocolate mousse filled "cigars" (not my choice).
Coconut banana spring roll. This was a very good dessert, crispy crust and lovely filling.

Where to Eat On The Mountain: Wildwood Smokehouse!!

Smoked chicken, nicely smoky, tender and juicy. Perfect.

Perfect baked beans, thick, with a nice smoky flavour from bits of smoked brisket.

A very tender, smokey beef brisket with Wildwood Smokehouse's own, wonderful BBQ sauce, a rich a smokey version and a perfect complement for their food. I bought a few bottles to take home. The bun was a mediocre choice.

Kelly Liken

Crispy celery root chips with a sweet and sour beet mousse and a honey crisp apple slice.

Barely seared elk carpaccio with bulgar tabouleh salad and whole grain mustard aioli.

Cauliflower and parmesan agnolotti, roasted maitake mushrooms, caramelized cauliflower, mushroom broth, fine herbs (including coriander). The combination of flavours made this a marvellous dish. The delicate pasta made the experience exceptional.

Bone marrow risotto: creamy parmesan and bone marrow risotto with roasted marrow bone, gremolata salad, chopped parsley. I loved the marrow flavours with the parmesan and saffron and the creamy texture was perfect.

Colorado beef short rib with horseradish and potato puree, roasted rutabaga and shallots, all with red wine jus. Not my fave, my adequately rendered.

Roasted root veg and cipollini onions with house made duck chorizo. This was a great side with earthy, caramelized flavours.

Citrus, olive oil cake with sweet rosemary mascarpone, red wine caramel sauce and blood orange. A very good dessert and an excellent rendition of olive oil cake.

I would have to say that Kelly Liken was my best restaurant experience in vail, of the places I chose.

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