Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dinner at the Home of Chef David Lee; Defining the Evolution of Food Appreciation Today

I have been eating David Lee's cuisine since he was at Splendido. My friends and I had arranged many quite spectacular meals there that were among the best we had enjoyed in Canada. Since he opened Nota Bene, his food has become simpler, culturally more far ranging and more accessible. Recently I was invited for dinner at his home. The meal was wonderful, but one of the dishes was so pristine, simple and flavourful, I just had to present it in my blog.

Crispy skinned, tender, succulent slices of St. Canut pork belly on a bed of sweet, late spring peas and fresh morels. I just can't say enough about how satisfying this dish was to everyone. 

This dish represents the evolution of the food of "today", very fresh, locally sourced, wonderful quality ingredients, each perfectly prepared and composed in a meaningful way that is a reflection of the chef's conception of presentation and flavours. The chef becomes the link between the food and the appreciation of consumer. I believe that it is the nature of that link is what defines a great chef today.

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