Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jack and Grill BBq Competition, Toronto

Jack Daniels sponsors a small BBQ competition in June, in Toronto. renowned BBQ pro, Ted Reader is the emcee and main BBQ judge. I was the other judge.

At this event, there are a number of trucks offering BBQ chicken, pulled pork, ribs, smoked brisket and a hot dog stand, which makes for some general eating fun, sampling their wares. The contestants do not sell there wares.

Some of the presentations to the judges are below.

The one below was the winner. A refreshing, complementary drink that used Jack Daniels with lime; perfectly cooked corn cob brushed with parmesan, butter and spices; a perfect pulled pork sandwich, moist, good smokey flavour topped with crunchy cole slaw all on a crispy skinned bun which did not fall apart while eating. Very good side of bbq sauce with a touch of heat and a nice rounded flavour...not too tart and not too sweet. This was also the best presentation.

Another entry.

I do not like ribs falling off the bone like this. When I bight into the rib, I like the meat to "peal" off the bone, easily.

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