Friday, August 17, 2012

My Dinner With Julia Child

About 20 years ago, Michael Vaughn hosted a dinner for Julia Child at his home. Michael's guests were restauranteur Franco Prevedello, newspaperman John Honderich, Star food reporter Marion Kane, food writer and cooking teacher Bonnie Stern, author, Margaret Visser and co-owner of Inniskillin Wines, Donald Ziraldo, and me. 

At the table, I was delighted to be seated next to Julia. At that time, she was 81 years old, I was in my 40's and to give everyone some perspective, to people in their 40's or younger, someone in their 80's was OLD and one expects the stereotype that many "old" people are close to losing it!

We all gathered before dinner to enjoy drink's in Michael's living room. During that time, I was introduced to Julia and we struck up quite a lengthy and lively conversation. She was something!

Later, during dinner, Julia and I were at it again, chatting merrily away, when she slowly put down her fork, and then her knife, rested her hands on the table, looked me straight in the eye and said, "now Josh, that is not what you said before" (referring to our earlier discussion during the reception). I said, I know, you changed my mind! I developed a new respect for older people and particularly for Julia's bear trap mind. 

I can still hear her voice saying those words, even today, and if you saw Julie and Julia and listened to Merryl Streep, I can tell you, she did a great job being Julia. She had her inflections and voice down pat. 

A memorable evening.

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