Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dhaba Indian Resto, Toronto, A Special Event Dinner

This was an arranged dinner with a specially created menu by chef PK, my favourite Indian food chef in Toronto.

The chef's version of street food, house made crunchy papdi semolina wafer, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans and avocado, topped with house made tamarind flavoured yogurt chutney and dressed with "street spices" and on the right side, a thin skinned crunchy semolina gol gappa puff.

Frenched rack of lamb, marinated with fresh papaya, ginger root, Indian rum and skewered and grilled over wood charcoal in a clay oven.

Duo of tandoori murg (chicken) with five spice marinade and almond, cardamom malai kabab.

Fresh mountain goat with pureed rapini, spinach and kale.

Spicy shrimps, Balti style, sealed with fresh garlic, sun dried Kazmere chilli, curry patta and tumeric and finished with a reduced jhol curry broth.

My plate with sesame garlic naan (Dhaba does this so well), the spicy shrimps, the mountain goat, saffron basmati rice studded with cashews and flavoured with cloves, cumin, cardamom and bay leaf, and, one of my favourite dishes at Dhaba, yukon gold potato, stuffed with paneer, pine nuts, chives and topped with silky saffron sauce (10 o'clock position).

An eastern India tradition of house made chaina dumpling (extreme left) with Grand Marnier soaked mixed berries, crushed pistachio and fresh mango puree.

To finish, we enjoyed a fresh mango drink with a side shot of vintage Himalayan single malt scotch. 

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