Saturday, February 2, 2013

Patria Restaurant, Toronto

So far, the scoop in the food community is that Patria is a hit, and I must concur.

Pan con tomate: toasted bread, drizzled with olive oil and rubbed with tomatoes. The tomato flavour would be better in season, but, this is Toronto in winter!

Garlic aioli topped crispy skinned croquettas, with ham. Very good, thick aioli with a good strong garlic flavour complements the smokey ham flavour of the croquetta.

Spanish octopus. Sliced potato topped with octopus, paprika and olive oil.  Very good paprika flavour with a touch of lemon. Octopus had good texture.

Gulf shrimps flavoured with garlic and parsley. A lot of heat. The shrimps were overcooked.

Pequillo peppers stuffed with oxtail and manchego. Everyone loved this dish.

Wood fire roasted rib eye, cooked rare, as requested, accompanied by a head of roasted garlic. An enjoyable mild flavour of the wood touched the beef. Patria is not a steak resto and this was a remarkably good steak, beef boy ratings (taste/texture/juiciness…each out of 10): 8.5/ 9/ 8.5!! Very good! You would be hard pressed to have a better steak anywhere in Toronto. I hope that this was not a "one off".

Patria paella: Langostines, shrimp, mussels, cuttlefish, red snapper, snap peas and saffron. All ingredients were properly cooked.

Paella ahumado y carriller de cerdo: Braised pork cheek, smoked bomba rice, chorizo, black trumpet mushrooms and white asparagus. This dish was a flavourful triumph, loved by all. The rice was perfect in texture. The smokey flavour was the critical flavour complement.

Bistered peppers with sea salt. I would have preferred the peppers a bit crispier, but they were tasty.

Churros with dulce de lece. Great crunchy skin and great flavour. For me, the best Churros in Toronto!

Almond cake with bomba rice foam. Very moist with very enjoyable almond flavour

Dark chocolate pudding topped with sea salt.

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