Sunday, March 31, 2013

Zakkushi Izakaya, Toronto

Izakayas are a very popular Japanese style "bistro" featuring Japanese comfort food. Many new izakayas have recently opened in the Toronto area. Zakkushi is one of the recent entries, a crowded, noisy bustling place. There are a lot of skewered items offered on the menu. For the most part, they are "ok", but not special enough to make me want them again. The exceptions were the wagyu beef and the tongue.

Takoyaki, deep fried octopus balls topped with slightly smokey, shaved bonito flakes. They were not crisp enough and there was a dearth of octopus bits so the texture was not what I like.

"Premium" skewers of wagyu beef, chicken thigh and beef tongue (but they forgot the eel that I ordered).

More skewers for us to try: chicken gizzard, heart, skin (not crispy enough) and liver ( a touch overcooked) and very good "crunchy/juicy" pork belly skewers. Also, very good chargrilled chicken thigh with yuzu and chili.

Crispy, tasty shisito pepper skewers topped with bonito shavings.

Kinako mochi ice cream with soy powder. I have enjoyed much better mochi elsewhere.

Kuro gama/black sesame ice cream with raspberry sauce, a big hit for everyone at the table.

I also enjoyed the annin tofu, house made almond jelly with strawberry sauce.

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