Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chantecler: The new menu

Chantecler now offers a "tasting menu" only two days a week. The rest of the week there is only a set menu of "street food",  mostly consisting of lettuce wraps. Tonight, street food, we began with: 

Perfectly undercooked oysters dressed with panko, spinach, grated cheese and lemon. Perhaps one of the very best heated oyster dishes that I have ever enjoyed: barely cooked, soft briny flavoured oysters, with perfect texture, mildy crunchy contrasted topping all complemented by the slightly bitter greens and a mildy tart lemon flavour.

A perfectly roasted, medium rare, very juicy, tender sliced duck. The slices were placed in the lettuce wrap with a dab of XO sauce and pickled veg. This duck experience was so addictive, just looking at the photo made want to go right back to eat it again.

Braised beef sided with slow smoked pork shoulder, to be wrapped in lettuce leaves and condiments. I would have preferred a bit more smoke flavour with the pork.

The fixings to make the wraps: crispy rice crackers, boston bibb lettuce, XO sauce (chopped dried scallop, dried shrimp, garlic, chili pepper and oil) and some pickled veg, including pickled julienned carrots, etc.

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