Friday, November 8, 2013

New York Restaurants, September 2013: Osteria Morini; The Marrow; Cafe Sabarsky.

Cafe Sabarsky

Cafe Sabarsky, located in the Neue Gallery (devoted to the arts and crafts of Austria pre-world war 2, is named after interior designer and builder, later gallerist, Serge Sabarsky. Sabarsky's gallery was devoted to Austro-german art of the early 20th century. The Neue gallery feature much of the same arts.

The cafe embodies the cuisine of Vienna, particularly their renown desserts. Yes, savouries are available, but the DESSERTS!! I love Vienna for their desserts: sachertorte (dark chocolate sponge cake layers with a layer of apricot confiture and a dark chocolate icing); schwartzenwalder kirchetorte (chocolate cake with cream and cherries); klimtorte (chocolate and hazelnut cake); Sabarsky torte (chocolate and rum cake) rehrucken (chocolate marzipan cake with orange confiture); marzipan oder muhn guglhupf (marzipan or poppy seed ring cake); mozarttorte (pistachios and nougat chocolate cake); linzertorte (hazelnut tarte with fresh raspberry confiture); apfelstrudel (apple strudel).....I think you get the message!

Yes, they do salads and savouries.......but.....!



Osteria Morini

Veal tongue crostini with pickled cherries. (no photo)

Lamb crudo with olive oil and chives.

Spallina double ravioli with crisped fresh sage. The pasta had an appealing, very light and delicate texture.

Squacquerone cheese, rabbit and porcini.(no photo)

Spit roasted porchetta flavoured with rosemary, accompanied by radicchio.

Crispy and light textured, battered, squash blossoms, filled with ricotta cheese, on passata (tomato puree) and drizzled basil flavoured olive oil.

Olive oil cake, zabaglione with orange blossom gelato.

The Marrow

"The bone marrow": marrow bone, sea urchin, fried potatoes; meyer lemon aioli, baby celery greens. Sea urchin briny flavours are a good contrast for the unctuous flavours of the marrow.

Roasted whole hen of the wood mushrooms, cauliflower, creamed kale, frisee salad, truffled mushroom juice.

Grilled wagyu culotte steak, fingerling potato-corned beef hash, local chicory and caraway mustard vinaigrette. A good steak (taste/ texture/juicyness: 7.5/7.5/8).

Grilled baby romaine lettuce with pecorino and warm anchovy and lemon vinaigrette dressing.

Dry aged, beef fat fried potatoes, with pickled red onions and grains of paradise aioli. These crispy potatoes had an addictive flavour and texture.

Ginger stout cake with roasted peaches and honey ice cream.

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