Friday, December 13, 2013

Trinity Taverna, Toronto

Trinity Taverna is a recently opened restaurant, in a relatively isolated area of Lakeshore Boulevard, Just east of the Don Valley Parkway.

Their fish is flown in from Greece, Portugal, the Ivory Coast, Senegal and North Africa. They typically grill and serve fish whole, dressed with fresh lemon juice, fleur de sel and dried oregano.......all very typically Greek.

 Slow roasted roma tomatoes with thyme, garlic, olive oil and soft cheese.

 Eggplant caviar with pine nuts, medjool dates and truffle oil.

 Pitta bread with herbs and olive oil.

 House made sausage (loukaniko) with tomato confit relish.

 Jumbo shrimp with thyme, oregano, garlic and lemon.

 Baby calamari with spicy harissa oil, fresh thyme and fleur de sel.

 Blistered red "florina" peppers, from northern Greece.

 Spicy peppers with sea salt crumbled fetta cheese and olive oil.

 Zucchini with crumbled fetta, fresh oregano and olive oil.

 Grilled red snapper.

Spit roasted milk fed lamb, roasted lemon and garlic potatoes with lemon sauce and french fries.

 Spit roasted suckling pork with lemon garlic potatoes.

 Fetta cheesecake topped with caramelized figs deglazed with ouzo.

 Yogurt brulee served with field berries coulis and fresh raspberries.

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