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Berlin Restaurants, Fall 2013: Reinhard's at Kempinski Hotel Bristol, Quarre at Hotel Adlon, Das Liebniz Klaus, Die Berliner Republik, Gel Gor, Lorenz-Adlon

Leibniz Klaus

Leibniz Klaus is a delightful, informal, white table cloth restaurant, a neighbourhood place with very friendly service by the english speaking wait staff and owners.

Parsnip soup with cheese croutons and crumbled roasted bacon. A rustic soup with strong parsnip flavour and the perfect counterpoint of the smokey bacon.

Fried, mixed wild mushrooms.

Wurst plate with bratwurst, knacker, frankfurter and nurnberger sausages with sauerkraut and fried potatoes.

Die Berliner Republic

Expressing the spirit!

The original Berlin potato soup "a la Kaiser Wilhelm", with thin slices of beef and bits of carrot. Loved by all!

Homemade soljanca "Russian style", sweet-sour tomato soup with pepper, smoked sausage, sour cream and small pieces of lemon (in the soup). Deliciousness brought out by the smokey flavour of the sausage.

Cabbage roll stuffed with ground beef, served with boiled potatoes with "home made sauce". I liked this because very little rice was in the stuffing.

"Proud Heinrich", Berlin style fried sausage in a dark beer sauce with red cabbage and mashed potatoes.

Traditional blood sausage and liver sausage with boiled potatoes and sauerkraut. Very good blood sausage with a slight bight of spice. The liver sausage was very tasty.

House made Viennese apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. This dessert was ordered by everyone and universally acclaimed!

Gel Gor

Berlin is supposed to have the largest Turkish community outside of Turkey and I decided to have some street food. The best, according to many reviews, is Gel Gor, and I was not disappointed.

One makes a selection from a huge board of possibilities. My selections were taken from the images below.

Tripe soup made with yogurt and topped with a little chilli oil, was delicious.

Trotters (pig) soup.

Lentil soup with a bit of chili oil. A very good soup.

A very fresh "salad" that comes complementary with any order: rocket, radish, lemon, purple onion and moderately hot peppers.

My sandwich: "Tecno kofte in baguette with salad and sauce". The sausage was grilled and while being grilled, the cook would mop the sandwich bread on the cooking meat, sucking up all the juices in the bread....a truly delicious sandwich.

 The counter array of possibilities.

 More possibilities!!


This is the more casual resto in the Adlon hotel.

Beef tartar with all of the possible accompaniments (shallots, capers, cucumbers, anchovies, mustard, ketchup, truffled creme fraiche, quail egg) before mixing.

The finished tartar.

An excellent wiener schnitzel (breaded veal scallop) with luke-warm German style potato and cucumber salad.

Berliner eisbein (Slow roast pork knuckle) with wonderful sauerkraut and pork reduction with pork reduction gravy (accompanied by pea puree not shown).

Quarre's wonderful version of very tender beef tafelspitz (accompanied by apple horseradish cream and chives sauce, not shown).

Delicious roasted potatoes with root veg. 

Creamed spinach. 

An apple themed dessert: Tarte tatin, caramelized apple puff pastry tart with vanilla ice cream.


Located in the Adlon hotel, this is one of the finest restaurants in Berlin, having earned 2** Michelin stars. Hendrik Otto is an accomplished chef.

Toast Hawaii: cheese toast and pineapple; parma ham topped with herbal stones and mellon gel; crayfish cracker topped with crayfish meat, leek and egg yolk cream.

Koenigsberger meatball with capers, carrots and pork.

The bread presentation, pretzel bread, a malt/honey roll, Russian roll and thyme and butter bread, all accompanied by truffled mayonnaise, vitello tomato cream and wonderful sweet butter.

Pumpkin in 3 different ways: braised, marinated and boiled, and raw, accompanied by raw, marinated mackerel, shave white chocolate and all topped with salt water gel.

Langostine tail and squid with sauce Duglere (an adaptation consisting of shallots, white wine, tomato, ginger and lime) accompanied by celery, green apple and coriander.

Raw chinook salmon cubes with creamed spinach and kohlrabi cubes, all topped with fried straw potatoes, surrounded by an onion and celery sauce.

The presentation before the sauce is added.

Braised Nebraska beef rib eye, topped with a yuzu reduction and BBQ sauce and accompanied by root veg, pearl onions and surrounded by beef gravy and dabs of bearnaise sauce.

Black cod, sauce soubise, horseradish, all surrounded by milk and thyme spaghetti and fish fume with a slight taste of heat. A truly great dish.

Steamed root veg: onion, carrot, mushrooms, turnip, cauliflower that accompanied the cod, above.

"Sawewansche" ( a fantasy name from the chef's childhood), deep fried rice ball flavoured with salami and bacon, topped with cream of yogurt and onion crumble, all resting on beet root puree.

The cheese trolley. We could not resist.

The accompaniments, grapes, walnuts, fig mostarda, caramelized pumkin seeds.

 The cheeses.

 Other accompaniments: rye bread, corn bread and nut cake.

Fluffy sweet yeast cake, ice cream and vanilla sauce with blueberries.

Exotic sorbet of pineapple and carmelized lychee, rose, caramelized condensed milk, dried milk skin and banana bread, 

Lime lollipop covered in white chocolate; passionfruit sorbet with banana; dark chocolate bon bon filled with cherry.

Granite of vodka and watermelon.

Chocolate souffle.

Petit fours!!!!! Reminds me of the presentation at El Bulli.

The Cafe at The Neues Museum

I encourage everyone who visits this wonderful museum to enjoy lunch or a snack at the cafe.

The Egyptian plate: saffron/cinnamon onions (on the left), Egyptian meatballs with a fruit and nut bulgar wheat salad with yogurt sauce (on the right), red hummous (in the middle) and grilled bread.

Delicious almond cake and the epitome of dark chocolate brownie with the coffee.


Reinhard's is a casual bistro with reliably good food, located in the Kempinski.

Their version of tafelspitz.

Wiener schnitzel, crispy breading and a flavourful tender with pickled cucumber and boiled potatoes.

Apple strudel "extraordinary"......was very good.

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