Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fat Pasha, Toronto

Fat Pasha is chef Anthony Rose's 3rd resto on Dupont (Big Crow and Rose and Sons). As with his other restos, it is popular (for good reason), packed and noisy (but one can still hear conversations).

 Delicious lamb shoulder with chick peas, chopped parsley and pita, 

 Fresh labneh spiced with zatar.

"Salatim": from the top, clockwise: pita, good vinegared dill cucumbers, chopped eggplant and tahini (just ok....could be smokier); very good rapini tabuleh, very good beet root relish, fabulous crunchy spicy carrot salad, red cabbage salad and in the centre wonderful garlic fried tomatoes.

 Very good, crunchy felafel with labneh (thick yogurt) and pickles.

Chopped salad with zatar, pita chips, radish, parsley, tomato, roasted corn, pickled red onion, dill, pomegranate seeds and black olives.....lots of delicious stuff, a great combination of delightful flavours and textures. A big hit with everyone!

Beef shawarma with pickles and roasted red peppers was good.

Delicious flunken with peas, mint, dill, pomegranate seeds and labneh.

The yukon gold french fries need work. Not crispy enough; not that tasty. I have had better at Big Crow. Most were left over by our group.

Terrific roasted cauliflower with tahini, pine nuts, pomegranate and halloumi cheese.

The only other failure, Israeli couscous with dried fruit, olives and date syrup. Everything was right about this dish and I could taste the potential, but, it was so overly spicy (hot), it was virtually inedible for 2 of us. Worst of all, there was no heads up on the menu to warn a patron of the spiciness of this dish and no warning from the wait staff.

The fabulous grilled fish, perfectly cooked, with pickled red onions and preserved lemon relish.

For dessert we had the halva with dates (no photo).

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