Thursday, July 17, 2014

South Beach, Miami, Florida: Milos South Beach; Mandolin; Michael's Genuine; Red's Steakhouse, Umami Burger

Milos South Beach

Milos, a Greek resto, specializing in truly fresh seafood, began in Montreal and now has branches in New York, Athens, Los Vegas and South beach.

Just take a look at the incredible array of superbly fresh fish, much of which is flown in from the Mediterranean.

Scottish salmon sashimi (honjake), Fresno chili, shallots and cilantro.(no photo).

The traditional dish at all Milos restos, layered fried zucchini and eggplant, with tzatziki, kefalogaveria cheese. Each layered piece is perfectly crispy and ungreasy. This is a dish that I look forward to at Milos.

Bread is brought to the table to be dipped in olive oil with freshly cut herbs. The bread is grilled over an open fire to bring out the wonderful flavours.

A remarkable fish grilling station. 

There are few places where one can enjoy a better Greek salad than Milos. There salad ingredients are impeccable. The question with all Milos eaters is, "where do they get such great tasting tomatoes, especially out of season"? 

Grilled fresh carabineros shrimp. Remove the head, bight it, suck out all of the juices then peal the shrimp and eat the sweet body. Incredibly succulent and delicious.

We enjoyed 3 varieties of fish. Since the type of fish available changes based on availability there is no point in mentioning what we had, except to say that the fish was simply grilled to perfect doneness, dressed with olive oil and lemon and tasted remarkably fresh. 


Left to right: taramasalata, smoky eggplant puree, tatziki.

A very good rendition of spankopita.

Butterflied tiger prawns with paprika. Terrific.

Kpoglu: eggplant, potato, zucchini, peppers with tomato sauce and garlic yogurt. Loved this dish.

A very good Greek salad.

Kefte: grilled lamb and beef meatballs, very juicy and tasty, sided with garlic yogurt.

Red's Steakhouse

Enjoyable banana pepper stuffed with house made pork sausage with tomato sauce.

A very tasty, properly cooked sirloin steak rated 8/7/7 (taste texture juiciness out of 10).

Very good garlic and parsley fries.

Creamed spinach.

WOW!! Japanese Matsutake 5AAAAA 14 oz rib steak! Amazing!

Michael's Genuine

Very good, very crispy, thick cut potato chips and pan fried onion dip.

Great, crispy pig ears. Bet you can't eat just one!

Wood oven roasted shishito peppers with soy and peanuts.

Slow roasted pork shoulder with pickled red onions and parsley sauce.

Wood oven roasted pizza toped with braised lamb, kale, roasted tomato, dill and mozzarella. Pizza crust was ok but not great. Good topping though.

Wood oven roasted whole "poulet rouge" chicken with plumped raisins, toasted pine nuts and arugula.

The chicken carved and served.

Maple pecan pie with creme fraiche sherbet. No pecan pie matches my memory of Pied de Cochon's (Montreal) pecan pie for 2!

Umami Burger

This place makes a really good burger and is worth the journey. The burgers are cooked exactly as ordered and are very tasty and juicy. See below for the paraphrased introduction from the restaurant. 

The ART of creating that perfect mouthful. It starts with the house-ground, hand-formed patty infused with the Umami Master Sauce. It builds with the carefully crafted combination of toppings resting on the lightly toasted and slightly sweet bun. It explodes with house-made sauces, paired with unique sides and accompaniments  What is Umami Burger? Experience it yourself.. After one bite, you'll accept
No Substitutions. 

A note at each place setting.

Three sauces: from left to right, truffled mayo; house made ketchup; roasted garlic aoli.

"The original"a terrific burger topped with parmesan crisp, shiitake mushrooms, roasted tomato, caramelized onions and house made ketchup all on the house made bun (Portuguese milk and honey bread)...quite brioche like. I added a bit of garlic aoli and truffled mayo.

The first bight!! Juicy! Delicious!

Pretty good crispy fries.

Onion rings with an unpleasant, heavy batter.

They make dessert but you don't come for THAT!

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