Saturday, December 27, 2014

Edulis: Yes, Another Spectacular Meal!

I just want to establish that I have no shares or financial interest in Edulis. However, for me, eating there, virtually each time, has been quite a wonderful gustatory experience. I would be hard pressed eating at this level almost anywhere in my travels. This is not "fancy", "3***" style cuisine because this restaurant has a very casual atmosphere. the place settings are very informal but the dishes are rather beautiful, eclectic and well chosen. So, for the food experience, in my opinion, it is deserving of a rating of at least 17 out of 20 on the Gault Millau scale. 

So, despite my recent Edulis posting, this restaurant deserves another just so that I may be able to share what Edulis is creating with all of our readers who adore a great culinary experience.

That being said, I am not a food/restaurant critic and have no pretensions on that score. I Do have a very extensive and highly well traveled food experience background. I write this blog to share the food experiences that I have enjoyed and I praise those eating experiences that I feel are my favourites. Well, this dinner was another praiseworthy experience! Each dish seemed to surpass the next!

Fluke cured in cucumber and seaweed with a kohlrabi vinaigrette and topped with crispy julienned fried potato.

"Showcase of seafood": gooseneck barnacles from Tofino (where in Toronto would one be served this exceptional delicacy??), geoduck clam "bacon"and mussels in a subtle pine nut broth.

Pickled kabocha squash, snow crab, puffed arancini in a rich kabocha squash bisque.

Truffled tortellini with back truffles, torta cheese and a celeriac consomme.

Wild sea bream, diced garlic and celeriac and black trumpet mushrooms all in a ham broth.

Sorry, I lost it! In my knee-jerk enthusiasm I devoured the next dish and neglected to take a photo. This dish was a just shucked, large live scallop, seared on one side only, accompanied by cauliflower puree and brown butter dashi all topped with a very large slice of white truffle. A heavenly dish.

Because I neglected to take a photo of the last dish, I had chef Cabbalo prepare another scallop dish, but, unfortunately, he was out of the live scallops. This was a portion of Gaspe Bay scallops topped with white truffle on cauliflower puree and brown butter dashi. Seeing this presentation, at least you can get the idea.

Gently scrambled egg with crosne, a tuber sometimes referred to as a Chinese artichoke. It is similar in flavour to jerusalem artichoke but much more delicate. The elements were accompanied by a well flavoured, white truffled, white chicken jus and a bit of chicken fat. Beautiful!

Warm terrine of Berkshire pork, cabbage, foie gras all topped with fresh apple salad and mushrooms.

Grilled Berkshire pork chop, thankfully medium rare to rare, with turnips, brussel sprouts and bacon all dressed with parsley oil.

This dessert was one of the most satisfying choolate desserts that I have ever enjoyed. Dark Soma chocolate tart of perfect density and flavour remarkably paired with caramelized parsnip puree and shaved ripe pair. An extraordinary combination of harmonious flavours. I could have eaten 3 of these!!

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