Friday, March 4, 2016

Buca Yorkville with Michelin 2** Sicilian Guest Chef Pino Cuttaia

Buca's guest chef, Pino Cuttaia is chef at La Madia in Lucata Sicily. The restaurant was awarded 2** by Guide Michelin. For this dinner he worked with Chef Rob Gentile and his highly competent staff.

Mollica fritta, shaved sea urchin bottarga, senape yogurt, on toasts.

Bread wi†h butter and anchovies.

Fried gnocchi with shrimp balony..

Head chef Rob Gentile in a quiet moment.

Chefs gentile and Cuttaia consulting.

The line.

Pizzaiola La Madia, pine smoked cod topped potato cod foam and surrounded by a crispy crunchy baked flour/yeast ring, all topped with chef's own olive oil, dehydrated tomato powder and chef's own oregano, brought over from Sicily. This was an ethereal dish!

The line again.

Nuvola di caprese, La Madia.....caprese cloud. A salad made of basil, tomato liquid and sublime mozzarella di buffala.

The line.

Polpo Veracchia sulla sabbia, La Madia. "Octopus on the sand". The spuma was made of octopus juice and ground lentils.

What happens to the spuma if you do not eat it right away.

The line.

Rice ball (arancino di riso) with red mullet ragu and wild fennel. The sauce/stock was so exceptional that I ordered a "second", just the sauce/stock (see below).

The sauce/stock.

Beef tenderloin topped with a grilled mushroom and olive oil with ashes. A great dish. The beef had a wonderful flavour and very delicate texture.

The line.

The line.

Cornucopia style Sicilian cannolo.

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