Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Shoushin, A Great Canadian Japanese Experience.

Shoushin is an omakase style resto. It has no "a la carte" menu, just 3 set menus: $80.00; $120.00; $250.00. WE enjoyed the $250.00 menu.

Horse mackerel, octopus, grated marinated cucumber (sunomono) and wakame seaweed. The texture of the octopus was uncommonly good and the fish tasted very fresh. This was a very good beginning, considering my overall experiences at most Japanese restos in Canada.

Firefly squid, seasonal spot prawn, kampachi yellowtail, Hokkaido scallop and sea bream, all pristinely fresh.

Tempura, better executed than virtually anywhere I have experienced tempura in North America, with an extremely light, ungreasy, crisp batter. Featured in this dish: mitsuba leaf; marinated and grated daikon; okra; beech mushroom.

Hokkaido wagyu beef with teriyaki sauce, fried cherry tomato, wasabe and grated hot pepper. 

Toro, the prime part of the tuna belly, a beautiful, high quality quality piece selected for our toro dishes. 

Chopped, pristinely fresh (and I will repeat this observation quite often in this review) toro sashimi topped with sturgeon caviar.

A clear kombu broth with whitefish cake, winter mellon and kinome leaf.

All of the fish with the sushi below tasted pristinely fresh, had the proper texture and the rice was the proper temperature.

Amadai (tilefish).

Hiramasa (kingfish).


Hirame (flounder).


Toro (no photo).

Saba (mackerel).


Uni (sea urchin).

Snow crab.

Cooked squid topped with eel sauce.

The rest were extras that we requested, outside of the set menu that we  had ordered:

Sea urchin and osetra caviar on squid.

Fresh abalone was wonderful.

Mirugai (geoduck clam).

Aji (horse mackerel sashimi).

Anago (salt water eel).

Making a hand roll towards the finish of the meal (back to the set menu finishing dishes).

The finish, tamago (omelette). The tamago may have been the best I have tasted in Canada.

In summary, reflecting on the actual sushi experience itself, very marginally, I would have to say that for me, Yasu is still the city's gold standard for sushi. 

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