Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Edulis, One of Canada's Foremost Restaurant Experiences

Today, I will share my Sunday lunch experience at Edulis a somewhat scaled down version of dinner. No, they do not do "brunch". I have posted Edulis lunches before, but, they are so worthy, I am prompted to share the experience because, once again, I must state that Sunday lunch at Edulis is the very best restaurant value in Canada. What restaurant anywhere, at the top of the food chain, charges only 40 bucks for a pre-set seven course lunch and charges half price on all wines ("just for fun"). Edulis ONLY does this for Sunday lunch. The truffles ($15.00 extra) and cheeses are extra.

Regarding the cheeses...I think chef Tobey Nemeth is the genius here, with her highly discriminating, impeccable taste. She finds and selects the cheeses for Edulis and describes her taste experiences in the cheese menu. The cheese selection at Edulis is the best selection of consistently great cheeses in Toronto.

And, what a lunch (keep in mind that the complete Sunday menu changes each time so what you see is merely representative):

Crispy Fogo Island shrimp tortillas.

Cabbage with ginger, macadamia nuts, fermented chili and bonito flakes.

Carrot salad flavoured with mint, with dates and pumpkin seeds. 

Salad gourmand with mache, salt cured foie gras, creme fraiche and potato, all topped with julienned black Spanish truffles and dotted with truffle cream. 

Freshly shucked scallop in a smoked butter marinara sauce made from freshly shucked scallop stock, all topped with caviar. 

Straight of Georgia skate, roasted on the bone topped with oxeye daisy capers and pickled wild leeks.

Smoked chanticler rouge chicken thigh with chicken fat rice and broken turnips. The skin of the chicken was smokey and remarkably crispy and of course the meat perfectly cooked.

Three wonderful cheeses, our personal selection, from left: Ossau-Iraty sheep's milk cheese from northern Basque country, Spain, a firm, traditional Basque cheese, supple, creamy and buttery with hints of flowers, herbs and nuts; Nettle Meadow Kunik goat and cow's milk cheese, Nettle Meadows Farm, Adirondack park, NY, a triple cream, goat milk enriched with fatty jersey cow cream, mushroomy and buttery; Grazier's Edge cow's milk cheese, Lone Grazer, Minnesota. Handcrafted with milk from grass fed cows from 2 farms, washed in St. Paul's 11 Wells Rye Whiskey, a pungent, grassy and sweet cheese.

A dreamy cream cake with hazelnuts, pistachios, and meringue. If everyone was not so satisfyingly full we would have asked for seconds!

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