Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Outstanding Creative Vegan Meals at Nota Bene, Toronto.

It is not common knowledge that Nota Bene, has vegan dishes on its regular menu, but more importantly, with advance notice, chef David Lee will prepare a remarkably good, highly satisfying vegan meal experience, on par with the very best vegan meal experiences anywhere. And, in place of butter or olive oils for the bread, he will make a rapini or bean dip, or rapini and carrot dip with globe artichoke leaves or salt and vinegar baked potato chips accompanied by beet root and spinach puree. All zero fat/very low salt (or no salt), if requested.

No dish was less than outstanding.

Meal #1

Sweet English pea soup with pickled cucumber, was cold, refreshing and delicious. 

White asparagus and fiddlehead salad with sunchokes, pickled beets and fermented carrots.

Plant based Asian hot pot with soba noodles, vegan dashi, eggplant, shiitake mushrooms, celeriac and daikon radish. 

Roasted  Hawaiian pineapple with date and tulsi leaf caramel, coconut and cocoa nib crumble.

Meal #2

Belgian white asparagus with wild leeks and morinja (highly nutritious leaves grown in tropical regions) pesto.

Nigiri of portobello mushroom, partially dehydrated and compressed tomato, celery root and Cookstown carrot, accompanied by veggie hand rolls and house made pickled ginger.

Plant based lasagne made with celeriac, eggplant, charred cherry tomatoes, peas, mushrooms, goji berries and zucchini "cream". 

Banana split with coconut "ice cream", cocoa nib sauce and coconut crumble.

Meal #3

Kelp noodle salad and sunchoke puree with pickled carrots, kimchi, coriander and dehydrated olive.

Spring vegetable soup with wakame seaweed broth. 

Portobello "chicken", tomato and potato curry with lentils and spinach.

Pineapple sorbet with fennel, orange, tarragon and blueberry powder.

Like I said, remarkably creative and highly satisfying vegan cuisine.

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