Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Shoushin, A Return Visit to One of the Very Best Japanese Restaurants in North America.

Chef Jackie Lin is one of the more talented chefs in North America rendering Japanese cuisine. He sources his fish from the very best suppliers and knows what to do with the fish to make the experience exceptional. The selections for this meal were mostly not from his routine. 

Horse mackerel with moshio (seaweed salt) and fresh wasabe. 

Kochi (flat-head fish) with Japanese green onion and daikon. 

Horse mackerel with chives in nori roll.

Steamed black abalone with seaweed salt. 

Grilled surf clam (hokkigai) served wrapped in crispy nori. 

Spot prawn sashimi topped with remarkably fresh sea urchin (uni) and fresh wasabe. 

Tai (sea bream) with sudachi lime and asparagus in a clear broth. 

Kinmedai sushi (goldeneye snapper), aged 1/2 week. 

Sumi ika (Japanese spineless cuttlefish).

Kinmedai with the skin on, aged 1.5 weeks. 

Amadai (tilefish), marinated in kelp overnight. 

Sayori (needlefish). 

Chu-toro (medium fat tuna), aged 2 weeks. 

Maguro tuna (regular grade), lightly marinated in soy sauce. 

Sunazuri o-toro, the very best part of the o-toro (fatty part of the bluefin tuna belly), aged 3 weeks. This portion of the toro is rarely available in any Japanese restaurant.

Toro from the collar of the tuna, aged 3 weeks.

Toro from the collar of the tuna, smoked over straw. 

Gizzard shad (kohada).

Olive flounder (hirame) sectioned from the portion around the fin. 

Wild Argentinian prawn. 

Nodoguro (black throat sea perch), a rare item and caught off the coast of Japan. 

Abalone sushi. 

Ayoyagi (surf clam). 

 Uni (sea urchin).

Anago (salt water eel).

Toro hand roll.

Marinated Japanese gourd hand roll.

Tamago, a folded Japanese omelette.

Matcha powder pudding in a layer with a layer of red bean (adzuki) paste.

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