Thursday, August 10, 2017

Carmen's Toronto

House snacks courtesy of owner Veronica, but unfortunately not worthy..

Pa am tomaquet (Forno Cultura bread topped with tomato spread and manchego cheese).

Broiled shishito peppers.

Fried artichokes with maldon salt, aioli and lemon.

Roasted potatoes, brava sauce and aioli.

Seared sardines with bean salad.

Roasted brussel sprouts in malt aioli.

A version of tacos not described by the owner (despite requests). Tasty though.

The Paellas:

The paellas were very tasty but the major fault was no socarrat, the rice that gets crunchy and forms a crust at the bottom of the pan. I particularly enjoyed the flavour and texture of the pate negra (below) which was made with squid ink.

Paella Negra, paella topped with whole roasted Mediterranean sea bass and grilled octopus.

Paella Italiana: Farro, roasted wild mushrooms, asadero cheese.

Paella de Carmen: with shrimp. clams, mussels, chorizo, chicken and saffron.

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