Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Yu Garden, Toronto

Yu Garden was founded 150 years ago in Shanghai. From the beginning the restaurant was known for its dim sum and especially for their steamed stuffed buns (soup buns). The Toronto branch is the first outside of Shanghai.

King size Nanjing crab roe soup in steamed bun (with small shrimp inside).

Special prawn cooked in selected style.

Chinese cabbage, cured ham in cream sauce was the least liked dish of the evening. Banal taste and way too salty.

Stir fried pea sprouts with crab meat.

These steamed buns were another very disappointing dish. Extremely greasy.

Braised pork knuckle in  brown sauce was very good.

Wheat gluten and black mushrooms.

Shanghai style fried mini pork buns.

Shanghai style salty duck.

Minced wild Chinese vegetables.

Shanghai style wok braised eggplant.

Amazing braised sweet pork belly.

Truffles with assorted mushroom and pork steamed buns (a soup bun).

Deep fried onion pancake. Tale a pass on this.

Cold shredded jelly fish.

Assorted mushroom and vegetable steamed soup bun.

Chilled smoked fish and spices (pass on this one too).

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