Monday, July 23, 2018

Beach Hill Smokehouse, Toronto

Beach Hill Smokehouse serves Texas style BBQ. White oak is used for smoking. Beach Hill could be the best Texas style BBQ in Canada.

Some of you may know that I am a certified Kansas City BBQ judge (KCBS) and have also served as an invited Judge at the most prestigious BBQ competition in the world, "The Jack" (Jack Daniels Invitational World Championship BBQ). 

Beach Hill Smokehouse is the real thing. First, let me say that their smoked turkey (first image below) is the best that I have tasted anywhere in North America (including Franklin in Austin), perfectly brined, juicy, tender, not overly salty and with a very generous flavour of the wood smoke. 

Roast beef bones and turkey. Roast beef bones were very tasty, slightly on the dry side with a slightly overdone bark, but still delicious.

The sausage was perfectly smokey, very tasty and had the perfect grind (coarseness). The pork ribs were very tasty but slightly dry, however the meat pealed off the bone with a bight, perfectly. The brisket was excellent, juicy, good texture, did not fall apart when picked up with the fingers, presented very good smokey flavour and would make for a great sandwich meat. The beans were good and well mixed with the smokey burnt ends but the sauce was more vinegary than my preference.

The house sauce did not get a high rating from me because of the vinegary aspect, certainly not typical of Texas.

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