Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bitten: Black Currant Sorbet

Posted by Jennifer

Who knew the New York Times could be so helpful? Just as I decide to buy a quart of black currants, an article on that very subject with a recipe for black currant sorbet appears in the Wednesday dining section. I purchase a quart of fat currants at the Marvellous Edibles stand at the Bloor-Borden market (Wednesday 3-7pm).

Until recently commercial cultivation of black currants was banned in many states beca
use currant bushes carry a fungus which kills pine.With the ban lifted in some states, farmers are trying to reintroduce the tart fruit to American consumers. That tartness is another reason black currants are not popular in the U.S. Americans like their fruits sweet.

The sorbet is simply made by cooking the currants in a sugar syrup until tender then si
eving to remove the seeds--no need to top and tip. With a sugar/water ratio of 1:1, the syrup caters to the American sweet tooth. The recipe in Elizabeth Baird’s classic Summer Berries has a 1:2 ratio and a squirt of lemon juice from which this sorbet would certainly benefit. It is, however, simple to make, a beautiful colour, and works well even without an ice cream maker.