Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Josh at Hashimoto: An Extraordinary Seafood Experience

Posted by Josh


6435 Dixie Rd, Unit 10

Dessert at Hashimoto

A week ahead, we planned a gastronomic seafood experience. The chef owner, Masaki Hashimoto, on our instruction, had special fish ordered directly from Japan, flown to Toronto, prepared and on our plates within 18 hours. My special request was a mostly sashimi meal. For this kaiseki experience I was joined by David and Sarah Kirkwood, Zara Fischer-Harrison and Sinclair Philip, chef owner of Sooke Harbour House on Vancouver Island.

We began with the most refined Okunomatsu daiginjo sake.

Stickleback fish, sesame tofu with wasabe and soy sauce. Firm egg yolk bathed in a vinaigrette and lily bud flower. Sakura soba was wrapped around Porgy fish and seaweed nori.

Kochi fish (flathead fish) sashimi with daikon and freshly grated wasabi, served with soy sauce.

Hamo fish (like conger eel) with a sweet ume (plum) sauce.

Sazuki sashimi (ocean trout family) with a thin slice of sudachi citrus, curled carrot with a white miso rice vinegar sauce.

Yari ika (Squid) with soy and ginger sauce, curled daikon a sliced cucumber.

Wild porgy fish (madai) thinly cut red raddish with fresh grated wasabi and soy sauce.

Banfun sea urchin from oita (kyushu) with sasai shellfish with cucumber and the liver of the sasai with fresh grated wasabi.

Hamo fish with buttercup squash, suizen nori seaweed and julienne of sudachi citrus. The soup stock was made from the bones of the hamo fish and ground edamame.

Sasai shellfish with its liver and broth with a japanese vegetable called mitsuba.

Petit japanese eggplant, tarot root, ume plum soaked carrot, daikon with an eggplant, soy sauce and minced shrimp broth.

Porgy fish with fried ginger, pickled daikon with squid ink and sesame seeds, and a crane carved from daikon served with carrot dressing and fresh baby corn.

Donut and white peach agar agar jelly with gold leaf.

Grape powder with premium green tea crepe and premium green tea ice cream.