Sunday, July 19, 2009

Conviction opens, a Thuet spectacular!

Posted by Josh

609 King St W, Toronto

The finale of the TV show revolving around Marc Thuet's new restaurant, Conviction, was held tonight. Some of us expected simple bistro cuisine at this restaurant that interviewed 36 former convicts to acquire a small group of passionate chefs and servers. What we received was artfully arranged and beautifully executed, sophisticated cuisine.

Petit salad of medium rare tender quail breast on a bed of asparagus, with figs radishes and a soft egg yolk filled ravioli, all dressed with a summer truffle vinaigrette.

Sweet pea and wild Quebec peppermint froth, diver sea scallops and coconut foam. The peppermint was a great and subtle complement for the peas and scallops.

Duo of steamed organic halibut and panko crusted oxtail, with fois gras carpaccio, peach coulis and oriental duck jus.

Ontario veal tenderloin with goat cheese and saffron fingerling potato mash and a chanterelle mushroom sauce.

Raspberry macaroon mille feuille with chocolate and sel de guerande, gianduja sauce and wonderfully complementary tarragon ice cream. The macaroon texture and taste was better than the best at Laduree in Paris!!