Monday, July 27, 2009

Josh at Union restaurant

Union Restaurant
72 Ossington

A locavore's dream....wonderful quality, near-region sourced ingredients transformed into simple, intensely flavoured dishes that are very well executed. The highlights were smashed potatoes with radish and chives, the wood oven roasted chicken (my mouth salivates to think about it now), a lovely rhubarb/strawberry crumble. Wonderful, cooked seasonal greens were a very good complement for the cooked dishes.

Also good were the elk sliders (I would have preferred them a little less done) on challah toast and the charcuterie plate consisting of their own made corned beef slices, a rabbit terrine (slices) and some slices of smoked chicken breast, all served with both grainy and Dijon mustard, coarse sea salt and toasted challah bread. The fries that accompany the mains, although very tasty with a very complementary aioli, were not crisp enough for my preference.