Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Lunch: Saturday Market Edition

Posted by Jennifer

Our Friday lunch was actually a Saturday lunch on goodies gathered at the Withrow market. From Saucier Foods, we have a provencal onion tart and brioche. Topped with mini tomatoes, olives and thyme, the tart is not quite as tasty as it is beautiful. To our taste, the onions could be just slightly more caramelized, the pastry baked a few minutes longer.

The individual-size brioche is heavier and perhaps less buttery than some brioche we have had. Still, it is flavourful, especially with homemade strawberry jam.

The empanadas are small enough to eat out of hand, and on this particular day, excellent. The cheese and potato is the best of a good thing, seasoned well, but without overwhelming the other filling ingredients or the pastry. Everything is in balance. The spicy dark lentil is also a standout without the chalkiness of many lentil

The price of one onion tart, two empanadas, and two brioches is $19.50.

Photos by Gina

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