Sunday, September 20, 2009

To market, to market

Posted by Jennifer

The number one reason that I make to effort to go to the Sorauren market: De La Terre Bakery. Located in Fonthill, it makes superb sourdough breads. While some of the artisanal sourdoughs can be heavy on the inside with such hard crusts that they are a danger to unsuspecting teeth, the breads from De La Terre have risen well but still have great body and lovely chewy crusts. My favourite is the Pelham sourdough with the honey/walnut a close runner up.

I went thinking I would only buy the bread. Instead, I left with a full shopping bag. One of my prizes was, at last, some decent peaches. From the Oso Leo stand, I got Red Havens and Loring varieties. If I have had a Loring peach before I was not aware of it. Given the opportunity, I will have one again. Usually peaches just
register as “sweet”. However, the Loring has a hint of both the tart and the floral along with the expected sweetness.

At Cutting Veg, I was seduced by perfect red onions, and bags of heirloom tomatoes for only $4.50. I also got zucchini to make Rose Murray’s zucchini almond cake. Even the zucchini-hating males in my household gobbled it up.

The Singhs, whose beets I have enjoyed, also had irresistible shallots, and the first Cortland apples I have seen this year. Usually when I leave a market with a bag this full, my wallet is empty. This time, even after buying meat, and two more Preston empanadas (beef, peach), there is money to spare.

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