Saturday, September 5, 2009

To Market, to market

Posted by Jennifer

I feel as though I have hit the jackpot this week. My prizes? The first was a two quart basket of damson plums from Andrews Scenic Acres. Damsons are few and far between and usually only available for two or three weeks. I have used half of them to make a small batch of conserves -- just plums, orange juice, water, and sugar. The down side of damsons is the horror of pitting them, so anything -- such as these conserves -- in which you cook them, then skim the pits from the surface, is a bonus. A treat for the senses, the aroma of simmering damsons is absolutely intoxicating. The finished product is velvety on the tongue, and its rich blue/red a visual delight. Unlike many jams and conserves, it is quite tart.

My other great treat comes from my Potato Lady, Ayse Akoner, who offers me a handful of her newly harvested Peruvian potatoes. They are a dark, inky blue all the way through. Simply boiled, they, like German butterballs, combine a great sense of fullness on the palate with rich flavour. I cannot wait for more! On top of that, the long-awaited LaRatte fingerlings are finally ready. My over-indulgence in nightshade plants continues.

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