Wednesday, September 9, 2009

JOSH at el Bulli

At el bulli. beautiful setting. Escorted into kitchen to meet with Ferran Adria - photo op with Ferran.

Cocktails on the outdoor terrace of el bulli. Snacks such as "peanut" filled with a liquid peanut essence. Half cherry with umeboshi liquid.

Some el bulli dinner highlights: suck jasmine nectar from the base of a flower, crisp chicken skin canape with it's melting soft tendon.
"Mimetic" almonds, raw almonds, coconut jelly, intense tomato essence ice and mango with umeboshi eaten at end...intense.
Cockles with fennel heart, yuzu and vermouth, salmon roe, double cream and gold leaf coated trout roe!
rose petals with silver leaf and artichoke sauce;
meringue "sandwich" of black truffles, almonds and pumpkin

Sea anemone with caviar and seaweed jelly....way better than Gerard Passedet at le Petit Nice in Marseilles!!
Abalone with shimeji mushroom, ginger, codium seaweed, pancetta and hazelnut oil...extraordinary!!
Sea cucumber with water gelle of soy and ginger oil.

Are you ready for this: "rabbit ear and rabbit offal" - the"ear" is snail eggs with rabbit tongue and sweetbreads, the "offal" - kidney and brain.

We finished at 1:30 a.m. after 36 courses with a beautiful 1982 Ch. Suduiraut!!

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