Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Lunch: Ginger

Posted by Jennifer

With the school year starting, we decide to stand in solidarity with impoverished students by getting takeout from Ginger (695 Yonge Street and one other location). Depending on the filling -- fake crab with avocado, chicken and veg, beef, shrimp -- the salad rolls are only $1.00 or $1.50. With rice paper wrappers crammed with noodles, herbs, lettuce and a protein of choice there is a selection of food groups in every bite. The price includes a peanut-laden dipping sauce. Less healthy, the crispy shrimp roll is a deep-fried delight, especiallywhen paired with its sour/sweet/slightly hot dip to cut the grease.

In our money-saving efforts, we chose subs over the rice or noodle combination plates and bowls. The beef sub is heaped with thin, grilled meat with added flavor coming from lightly pickled cucumber and carrot. Without those pickles, the vegetarian version -- lots ofplain tofu -- would be very bland indeed. Cordon bleu it ain’t, but for our $15.14, we got enough fairly tasty food to keep two of us snacking for the entire afternoon.

Photos by Gina

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