Friday, September 18, 2009

To Market, to market

Posted by Jennifer

On Saturday morning I went back to the Withrow market since I managed to get there just before closing time on my first visit. One of the most conveniently located markets, it is just south of Danforth, between the Chester and Pape subway stations -- great for people who do not drive.

My usual strategy at any market is to do a stroll-pass before stopping to buy anything. On this morning I receive a painful reminder to buy immediately if there is something I really want. What I saw and really wanted was an Aunt Ruby’s German Green tomato at Haystrom’s. When I went back, a matter of minutes later, it was gone.
There was more bad news there. The heirloom tomatoes will only be available for one more week. On the other hand, Webers still had lots of eggs left.

Withrow has good take-away food at Preston Empanadas and Saucier Foods, both of which are also at the Sorauren market on Mondays. Saucier Foods, run by the former chef of CafĂ© Brussel, also has Limousin beef on offer here--but not at Sorauren. There is also St. John’s Bread.

This is one of the few markets offering other goods -- pottery, handmade wooden items, and if I remember correctly, jewellery.

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