Monday, November 30, 2009

Julie & Julia Review #3 - A Wonderful Movie For Food Lovers

Posted by Josh
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I never liked watching Meryl Streep. Don’t ask me why, but I have felt this way since I first saw her - its like what someone experiences when seeing something that bothers them but do not know why. And then I saw Julie and Julia. I had very briefly shared several visits with Julia Child when she would come to The Cookbook Store. And through this association, I was invited to dinner with Julia and 9 others.

We shared a chat and a cocktail before dinner, and surprisingly I was seated with Julia beside her at the head of the table. Julia was even more in life then she was on television. During dinner, at one point, she stopped, put her fork down and looked at me with her very own pregnant pause…… "Josh! That is not what you said during cocktails!" And then, resumed eating and chatting…such a bear trap memory at 85! I was impressed.

People would line up around the block when Julia child came to town. When entering The Cookbook Store to meet her, buy a book and get her signature, they would often have tears in their eyes.

So now watching Julie and Julia, I was laughing and crying, watching Meryl Streep who so brilliantly captured the manners, the body language, the vocal mannerisms and the tone of Julia - an exceptionally insightful impression of the essence of a truly extraordinary and marvelous woman who captivated the soul, imagination and appetites of so many.

This film is such a delight for anyone who loves to eat and who loved the Julia that Meryl Streep so epitomizes. I was also captivated by the interaction between the two husbands and wives, how the husbands fell in love with their wives passion for cooking and the husbands love of eating their wives cooking. Everyone’s passion for eating and cooking came through to me, a passionate food lover, who delights in food well conceived and cooked. How I loved watching these characters live their lives, live my life.

See the movie, food lovers. I recommend it to anyone who loves food and who loved Julia.

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