Saturday, December 5, 2009

To Market, to market

Posted by Jennifer

The Green Barn, which looks so cavernous in the summer when the vendors are outside, seems so much smaller when jammed with stalls and shoppers once the market has moved inside for the colder months.

After missing Potato Lady (aka Marvellous Edibles) whose once-a-month appearance was mid-November, I am determined not to miss the Stoddarts and their duck eggs on the last Saturday of the month. I get there and so do they. Alas, they have no eggs at all -- just their beautiful wool.

This proves just a momentary setback when there are so many other attractions. With the Christmas baking season already underway,  one wants eggs, eggs, and more eggs. I stock up from Everdale and Highmark Farm, where I also get purple broccoli. Webers also have eggs but this time I get sausage from them.

Woolerdale Farm has some of the most appealing vegetables.  I resist the baby beets and rainbow of carrots but give in to Jerusalem artichokes, and several varieties of fingerling potatoes.

Who can resist a stop at St. John’s Bread?  I have not seen their brioche before so I have to try it.  Not overly buttery, and a little lopsided, it does have perfect brioche texture.

Since the Green Barn has a rotating group of vendors to accommodate farmers who are here just for the winter,  I guess I will have to go every week!

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