Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bitten: Fiana Potatoes

At the Green Barn I picked up another variety of potato I had never tried before. Fiana is a Dutch variety. At the booth where I picked them up, they were labelled as a mashing potato. They are yellow-fleshed and floury. What I did not expect was their wonderful aroma. One does not usually think of potatoes as having a particularly seductive scent but these filled the house with a really appetizing potato smell. Though they did not have the rich buttery taste of German butterballs, they did have a quintessential traditional potato flavour.

With further research, I discovered that Fiana is also a good chipping potato. Rather than deep frying, I tossed sliced potatoes in oil and baked them in the oven.  They turned a perfect - crisp gold outside, tender within.

I hope these were not the last of the crop. I do not have to wait until next fall for more. To make matters worse, I did not notice the name of the producer.

Can anyone point me back toward them?

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