Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Lunch at Grilled Cheese

Posted by Jennifer

Just the idea of a whole restaurant devoted to grilled cheese sandwiches makes us salivate.

Our designated delivery girl returns from Kensington Market with three sandwiches:  the classic, the portobello, the black jack (with jack cheese, spinach, tomato and tapenade). Each has the comforting mottled golden crust of a grilled-by-Mum classic.

While we may still hold dear the visual memory of childhood cheese sandwiches, our taste buds have moved on. In a city which has a reputation for excellent bread and with ever more artisan cheese shops, there is no excuse for using the low quality ingredients evident here. The cheese in all three sandwiches is rubbery; the cheddar a nasty shade of orange. The classic should be the signature of this restaurant but there is nothing to mask the lack of quality cheddar and provolone. The others are saved by mushrooms and tapenade. But why bother with a slice of anemic tomato in January? All come with a handful of potato chips, a slice of pickle, and packets of standard brand ketchup.

This much anticipated lunch was a disappointment that could have so easily been improved. Better bread and cheese, with a dab of homemade ketchup or chile sauce, is all it would take to make the reality as good as the idea.

Cost of three sandwiches: $20.34

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