Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Lunch from Tim Horton's

With the Vancouver Winter Olympics beginning, it is time to show our patriotism. Foodwise, nothing is more patriotic than a lunch from Tim Horton's.

Short on chunks of chicken, light on flavour, Tim’s chicken noodle soup is still comforting on an icy winter day. Full of bow tie noodles, and bright with reconstituted carrots, peas, and herbs, it’s heat and colour offer the warmth of nostalgia.

We also try two sandwiches. The rolls are decent, probably of the frozen dough baked on the premises genre and the lettuce on both is romaine rather than iceberg. Those two things alone are enough to lift them into the better fast food sandwich level. Alas, with spongy tasteless chicken, the club sandwich relies entirely on honey cup mustard for flavour. What it loses in sickly winter tomatoes, the BLT makes up for with a load of crinkly bacon and just enough mayo to hold the hold the whole thing together.

Dessert? Doughnuts, of course. Both the eggy French cruller and the maple cream are hits. The glaze on the Boston cream is not chocolaty enough to overcome the chemically filling.

Tim’s lunch is not the greatest lunch. It is, however, good value for money--and more satisfying than some more expensive lunches where reach exceeds grasp.

Price: Soup, two sandwiches(one a combo with coffee), and three doughnuts, $15.68.

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