Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Lunch: MBCo

Posted by Jennifer

Restaurants that are popular in Montreal do not always thrive when they attempt a foothold in Toronto. The pretty Montreal Bread Company has been serving up sandwiches, salads, and pastries on the south side of the park on Cumberland for several years.

When we dash in to pick up a sandwich just after the lunch hour, the harried cook/server does not have much left. We settle for a chicken and brie pita. Inside its foil paper wrap, the sandwich is superfluously tied with paper twine. Though their sandwich is generously piled with moist chicken slices and mixed baby salad greens, there is very little brie. Neither the greens nor the pita have benefited from heating -- the greens are limp; the toasted pita breaks into shards, scattering filling into our laps as soon as we take a bite. On the side there is a little cup of aioli for dipping or spreading. Alas, instead of garlic all we taste is sweetness.

For dessert, we chose an attractive-looking blueberry muffin. Served in parchment, this tall muffin is also wrapped in twine, to better effect. It may be nice to look at but it is not so great to eat. The texture is rubbery, the flavour AWOL.

Cost of one sandwich and muffin$13.83

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