Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haggis tasting in honour of Robert Burns Monday January 25th

posted by Alison

Haggis, seven of them running around the restaurant, having been freshly caught that morning, okay so I slightly exaggerated...................

Martin Kouprie, chef & co-owner of Pangaea extended an invitation I couldn't refuse - taste seven different haggis (haggi?)made by his kitchen staff, including one waiter.
Now I grew up in Scotland and do enjoy haggis so I was all set to do them justice, with my fellow tasters, Lucy Waverman, a fellow Scot, Corey(Toronto Star) and Cheryl( I had fully intended just to have a wee bit of each but that didn't last long and clean plates went back to the kitchen each time.

All were creatively presented, one was even deep fried! Which if I saw on a menu I would probably order out of curiosity, but alas the batter was too doughy.

There were two haggis which stood out, although it was hard to choose the winning one, we bravely managed. Winner Chris Waye had the right balance of spicing, offal and was spot on with the amount of oatmeal and stock to make it not too dry, not too soggy.

His accompaniments were caramelized brussel sprouts, (b. sprouts are trendy these days if you haven't already noticed) a wonderful sweet flavour, but the really interesting addition was a poached egg! The egg when broken managed to create a tasty sauce for the haggis.

Christopher Waye's winning haggis will be on Pangaea's lunch menu on Monday (January 25th) celebrating Robert Burns Day.

1221 Bay St (at Bloor)

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